Terms and Conditions

We ('Azure Tales') have full ownership of any of the products that we release.

DO NOT copy any of our products and release them as your own. All products here are copyrighted under the name of 'Azure Tales' and by the owner, Amy Ho.

DO NOT attempt to modify our products, attempt to take ownership of our products or attribute our products or any underlying assets (such as images) to yourself or other parties.

DO NOT distribute and/or host our products without our permission.(Collaborative works will have a separate license and be owned by all parties involved)


When you download, play or browse any of our ('Azure Tales') products you do so "AS IS". There may be updated versions of a product in future or a product may be discontinued.

Although we test our products, we will not be responsible for any problems that may be caused by downloading, playing or browsing them. If you download any of our products it is at your own risk and you are solely responsible for any damages that may occur to your device(s) and/or data.


All characters in our products are entirely fictitious. Any resemblance to people in real life are purely coincidental.

The terms of this license may be modified but we will inform users publicly if it is, so please be sure to keep up to date and review them when we announce any changes made.

Terms and Conditions stated above are valid as of 29th May 2012